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About Us

We are Candid Group

About Us

Candid Group is a Kurdistan Based company with headquarters in Capital city of Erbil, established by one of most successful businesswomen in Iraq (Chraxan Rafiq Omar). She has believed in creating a company that can fulfill customer demands in Kurdistan as well as providing opportunities to local talents in order to play an important role in creating Kurdistan’s infrastructure.

Candid Group established in 2005, registered in Kurdistan Regional Government ministries as Energy Service Provider focusing on Oil & Gas applications.

Our Mission

Candid Group aims to bring world class services to Kurdistan Region, delivering customer tailored services that can maximize efficiency, Customer focused mindset is the power behind every division of Candid Group in order to achieve best results.

Our Vision

Candid Group aims to influence, Inspire and support local talent to increase knowledge and productivity of working class level in Kurdistan in particularly younger generation.